41 Unique Veterinary Technician Gifts

41 Unique Veterinary Technician gifts. Present ideas vet techs, scissors, game, dog water bottle usb

Whether you are a veterinarian or practice manager in search of the perfect gift for your veterinary technician employee, or you happen to be besties with a vet tech and are searching for some vet tech week or christmas holiday present inspiration- you have stumbled upon the right blog post!

Buckle up for a trip through the unique, funny, creative, affordable, and occasionally sassy world of gifting. The FurWork team has worked tirelessly to assimilate 41 Best Vet Med Vet Tech Gifts.  We hope to assist you in bringing smiles and joy your veterinary medicine team!

Useful gifts in the veterinary hospital/It’s pretty and I can justify it:

A collection of items with actual work utility. And a side of attractiveness. Because you should have nothing around that is not useful or beautiful, according to William Morris.

  1. It’s like Unicorns and scissors had a baby…

2. Shine bright, Superstar…

3. Cover your noggin. Keep it sassy.

4. Now you can side eye the one who keeps stealing your stethoscope… “Excuse me, but I believe that bauble encrusted ear piece belongs to me.”

5. You know how much we value hydration in our business.

6. Personal mugs. We all have one we love. And hide from our colleagues.


Inspiring study materials/Interesting enough to keep you coming back…

Studying. Ugh. But it helps to get it done with sparkly pens, visual learning techniques (okay, coloring books- I was going highbrow) and creativity.

7. Ever noticed how VTNE rhymes with Britney? Just me? Okay…

8. You totally need these to color in the Anatomy Book… It’s like a set. Never break up a set.

9. You guys, these are called “Decomposition Books”. It’s like they can see into our souls.

10. If you look closely, you’ll see that some of the kitties are smiling right at you. Because you are pretty. And smart.

11. Novelty USB drives- storage with a side of personality. And pickled ginger.

12. Suture practice. Because sometimes being an adult means sewing loose hems instead of stapling them temporarily. I’m speaking autobiographically, of course.

13. Clips. Equal parts essential and adorable.

14. Loose clips sink ships! Or something…

Self Care Items/AKA Return to Serenity

Veterinary Technicians are on their feet most of the day and have to juggle the demands of clients, patients… and DVMs.  Help them catch a break and get much needed relaxation, with a side of sass.  To wit:

15. CARE- Caffeine Associated Reusable Enclosure.

16. Does kitty take cream with her tea?

17. Because sometimes your life partner refuses to rub your shoulders and you have to take matters into your own hands. Rude.

18. Spread ’em. In a good way, I mean.

19. Fizzing essential oil laden bliss. Lock the bathroom door. It’s Me Time.

20. Speaking of essential oils… Also, how will I know it’s my car if it smells so nice?

21. For your cat naps. See what I did there? It’s okay, I’ll show myself out…

22. Typing=neck and shoulder pain. Kitty Kuddles understands those needs.

23.  Stay supple out there!  And a little pickley…

Just for Fun/Will Become Favorite New Thing You Didn’t Know You Needed:

This list is more eclectic, but still comes from a place of utility and snark. And magnets. Magnets are useful, right? Also, I got to quote Sir Mix-a-Lot. That’s a win-win.

24. Sit! Stay! Good Smart Phone…

25. You had me at snarky…

26. Oh my god, Becky. Look at those butts…

27. Mittens perfectly demonstrates what would happen if cats had opposable thumbs and unlimited sarcasm.

28. Simple, sweet and elegant.

29. Pugs! Cats in boxes! Goats standing around and judging you!

30. Squishy kitty light for the littles.  Or you can keep it.  Sort of modern-minimalist, right?

31. These are much prettier than the ones you get at conferences…

32. Hilarious, and no actual kittens harmed in the making of this game.


Veterinary Technician Pet Gifts/AKA Of Course the Dogs are Getting Gifts this Year.

Just about every vet tech has dogs and/or cats right?  Probably a lot of ’em, right?  These are basically your nieces and nephews. So, include the pets in the shopping fun and you will be creating a multi generational celebration.

33.  Home or car. It’s good to have tools.  AND if you’re trying to get by on the cheap- why not use this one for inspiration.  Buy a zipper bag and fill it with supplies from the hospital.  Voila!

34. Hey, Travel Buddy!  Your cat will be the talk of the town.  And outer-space.

35. Now if I could just convince her that touching her feet does not automatically mean a nail trim…

36. Calling all Terrier owners.

37. Calling all Hound owners

38. “Veterinarian approved to reduce cat scarf and barf”!!!!!!

39. Stone cold foxy.

40. Part of the essential car pack for traveling pets.

41. Hiking, car rides and more. I love an all in one product….

There we have it… all 41!

Hope we inspired you and provided chuckle or two along your vet tech gifting journey.  Did we miss something?  Share with us your ultimate favorite veterinary technician gift of all time in the comments below!

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