51 Clever Secret Santa Christmas Gifts for Veterinary Professionals

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Veterinarians, vet techs and veterinary support staff, it’s coming….

Your yearly holiday/white elephant gift exchange/secret Santa/stocking stuffer Christmas gift dilemma.

As if you did not already have Avogadros’ number worth of other crap to get done, like, yesterday.

Fear not, because we are here for you.

These items are Amazon-ready, irreverent, adorable and even downright useful.  Prepare to set the bar on holiday cheer.


Veterinary Inspired Gifts under $10

It’s not cheap, it’s cost effective. These products won’t make a big dent in your wallet, and the reusable light saber chopsticks mean you’ll discard less plastic. Look at you, reducing landfill. We are so proud.

1. Revisiting both Ophtho and Parasitology…

2. Macarons are French, therefore anything you store inside of these is instantly chic.

3. Fresh air with a side of humiliation? Yes, please.

4. What color is exhaustion?

5. Puns and Ugly Christmas items- together at last.

6. The Secret Closet Revenge Pee is totally worth the 2.5 seconds these will stay on the cat’s head. Totally worth it.

7. Pretty sure this will fit on the dog, too…

8. There is no try, there is only dim sum.

9. An eco-friendly, portable, mammal-exalting cleansing agent.

10. Find a zen place.

11. A unicorn proclaiming that you are amazing is something we all need on the daily.

12. Sparkly sippers- do it for the environment!

13. A cat eye liner guide in cat? Cat-ception…

14. And all the tidy feelings from the cord manager? Delightful!

15. Avocado keeps your pelt shiny.

16. Best sounds ever- the pop of a recently removed Corki followed by the gentle tumble of wine into a Big Mutts mug.


18. Dudes, we did not forget about you. Rock your man-sparkle!

19. Perfect for a large animal enthusiast

20. Because it’s so hard to package Existential Despair, we got you this…

21. Could be worse- like a Scratch and Sniff version…

22. It holds stuff in it’s little spines. Aha- Pet Butler!!


Veterinary Inspired Gifts under $15

A mid range option, full of thoughtfulness and fiscal responsibility. Many people do not realize the sheer joy of crafting with cat hair until they try it for themselves. Expect gifts of  heart-felt appreciation from the recipient in tones of tabby and calico.

23. Ah, downward facing Chardonnay.

24. Where weapons meet condiments.

25. One short step away from Yesterday’s News, really.

26. Biscuit? Treat? Cookie? Snack? Cue the non stop barking. Oh, just our house?

27. Portable size, leak proof and covered in Wieners! This one is FurWork HQ approved.

28. #truth

29. Is it just us, or do you have an urge to perform rectals?

30. This gift idea can best be described as “whimsical” and “necessary for my continued good humor”

31. See, narwhals don’t want to hurt anyone, they just want you to be more responsible with your gum health.

32. Mermaid + sequins + Christmas in one gift = you winning at Secret Santa

33. Just in time for the holidays parties- shake what Mary gave you.

34. That pile of records is just an opportunity to rock a foot hammock.

35. Please pair the CDs with Dancing Jesus. He’s a big fan of Bing Crosby.

36. For New Year’s Eve- matching bow tie for the human.

37. Mittens has some sass to share.

38. Because holiday travel…

39. Is there a bonus chapter on Trichobezoars?

40. To carry the cat hair crafting tools, obvi.

Veterinary Inspired Gifts under $20

Your generosity is only matched by your good looks. Especially in the Aloha shirt. P.S. no kittens were harmed in the making of Exploding Kittens.

41. Mele kalikimaka, you beneficent being

42. Long and low dogs in sweaters- their natural habitat…

43. Give the gift of floof.  No litterbox required

44. Matching sets make us feel like Santa’s helpers.

45. Irreverent and explosion free… Mostly.

46. Corgi butts drive me nuts!!

47. Puns and groceries! And Tacos!

Veterinary Inspired Gifts under $30

This is a smaller group of items, but very eclectic. The recipient would surely know the depths of your admiration and mutual respect after opening a box of pizza socks. Honestly, it’s like a team bonding exercise to give these. You are a straight-up caring nurturer.


49. Lord Caffeine, my liege….

50. Hey, that Treponema pallidum is not going to spread itself…

51. The surprisingly complex inner life of the Gummy Bear revealed….

Hope we inspired you and provided chuckle or two along your veterinary gifting journey.  Did we miss something?  Share with us your favorite clever Secret Santa Christmas gift of all time in the comments below!

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Tidings of comfort and joy, plus lint rollers, non toxic decorations and uneaten tinsel from all of us at FurWork HQ!

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