Alaska Veterinary Licensing in 2 Minutes

Alaska Veterinary Licensing 2 minutes vet staff symbol, mountain scenery pinterest pinYou are a veterinarian licensed in another state, but you’re considering either temporary veterinary work in Alaska, or a permanent move.  Mountain air, the aurora borealis and caribou sound appealing?  Did you know the state of Alaska has a great temp permit option for relief veterinary work?   You didn’t?  Well not to worry- we’ve researched and asked the key questions to create this handy 2 minute summary for you!

Here’s what you can expect en route to obtaining your license as a relief or full-time veterinarian in Alaska:

Alaska Veterinary Licensing

Expense:  /5
Time:  /5
Temporary License Option:  Y- unsupervised

Temporary Alaska Veterinary License:

Temp permits are available for spay and neuter events or to cover for a colleague who has gone out of state.  In the case of temporarily covering for a colleague, you’ll need to fill out form 08-4625 and pay $125, which allows you to practice for up to 60 consecutive days.  Alaska has one of the only state temp permits allowing you to work at a practice without direct supervision.  Even better, you’re not restricted to a single clinic, as long as a separate form is filled out by each veterinarian vouching for you.  A one-time 60 day extension is possible, but requires 4 weeks lead time and board approval.

Form 08-4040 allows for special event temporary veterinary permits, such as for a spay and neuter event, etc.  The permit requires 4 weeks lead time and is valid for 30 days.  Total cost is $250.

Permanent Alaska Veterinary License:

If you need to be in Alaska for more than 120 days in a row, or are covering for a colleague who remains in the state, you’ll need the regular Alaska state veterinary license.  Total cost is $950 and you have to take the Alaska state jurisprudence examination.  If you have actively practiced veterinary medicine (1000 hours/year) for five of the seven past years, you can be licensed by credentials.  Otherwise you’ll need to have passed the NAVLE within 60 months of application.  License is valid until renewal date of December 31 of even-numbered years, regardless of when you applied.  Thirty hours of CE are required every 2 years to maintain your Alaska vet license.

More Alaska Veterinary Licensure Information:

Best method of contact:   Licensing Examiner: Patricia Lonergan, Phone: (907) 465-1037

Ease of reach: 

Official website: Alaska Board of Veterinary Examiners* 

*We’re diligent about keeping this article current but veterinary licensing rules and regulations change with time!  Always double-check with the board, and kindly alert us of any discrepancies!

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