Hawaii Veterinary Licensing in 2 Minutes

Hawaii Veterinary Licensing 2 minutes vet staff symbol, palm tree scenery pinterestYou are a veterinarian licensed in another state, but you’re considering either temporary veterinary work in Hawaii, or a permanent move.  Island life, active volcanoes and diving with wild dolphins sound appealing?  Did you know that there is a great temp-permit option so you can “test the waters”, or even get paid for veterinary work while on vacation?  You didn’t?  Well not to worry- we’ve researched and asked the key questions to create this handy 2 minute summary for you!

Here’s what you can expect en route to obtaining your license as a relief or full-time veterinarian in Hawaii:

Expense:  /5
Time:   /5
Temporary License Option:  Y- supervised

Temporary Hawaii Veterinary License:

Hawaii has an AMAZING option for relief veterinary licensure.  It is a referred to as a sponsorship exemption and reference is made to it in the Hawaii Revised Statues-sec 471-2(5) 

The board needs to receive a letter or an email from a sponsoring veterinarian currently licensed in Hawaii.  Your Hawaiian veterinary sponsor must have a license in good standing and they must indicate that they will sponsor you from (x) to (y) time period in your email or letter.  The process is complete once the board confirms receipt of this notification.  THAT IS IT!  Seriously!  No fee, no wait time, nothing else you need to submit.  Of note, when operating under sponsorship exemption, supervision is required.  Supervision means a licensed Hawaii veterinarian must be in the same immediate building or complex as the unlicensed veterinarian.

You can work for more than one practice during a single visit, however the Hawaii Veterinary Board needs notification of each clinic you will be working at.  The cherry on top is you can apply for a sponsorship exemption each visit you’d like to return to Hawaii, without time or visit frequency limits.  Aloha Hawaii anyone?

Permanent Hawaii Veterinary License:

Plan to stay in Hawaii?  Application + licensing + exam fees are $410 to $590 total for you veterinarian license, depending on when your license is issued in the year.  You will need to take the Hawaii licensing exam, offered monthly on Oahu island and your application is due 60 days in advance of the exam.  The exam contains mostly clinical question with a small % of law questions.  Failed exam candidates must wait 3 months before retesting.

Hawaii veterinary licensure candidates who have not yet completed the exam can apply for a temporary permit.  A temporary permit allows you to work for a maximum of 11 months under the supervision of a veterinarian licensed to practice in Hawaii until you take the exam.

Twenty hours of CE is required every 2 years to maintain your Hawaii license.

More Hawaii Veterinary Licensure Information:

Best method of contact: Kedin Kleinhans, Executive Officer, Email: veterinary@dcca.hawaii.gov

Ease of contact: 

Official website: Hawaii State Veterinary Licensing Board

*We’re diligent about keeping this article current but veterinary licensing rules and regulations change with time!  Always double-check with the board, and kindly alert us of any discrepancies!

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