Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

white cat in the forrest. Cat is an example of a species that might be provided an examination, treatment, surgery (i.e. spay, neuter), medicine or a vaccine in small companion animal practice. A veterinarian (DVM), veterinary diplomate or surgeon (MRCVS), credentialed veterinary technician, technologist or nurse (CVT, LVT, RVT, RVN, DVN, AVN), veterinary assistant or kennel attendant might work with a cat if they are a candidate seeking to be hired to staff a full-time job, part-time work or locum, relief, casual or per diem employment at a small animal primary practice, specialty referral hospital or emergency or OOH vet clinic.

Candidate Questions

Q:  What’s the best way to search for jobs on your site?

A: Try category listings.  You can click and search the parent categories (uppercase wording) or a sub-category of these (lowercase wording).  After selecting a category, customize your search further with keywords, location and radius, job tags and so on, all listed on the job search page.  Don’t forget to set up email notifications for jobs that match your search criteria if we don’t yet have what you’re searching for!

If you are interested in searching for open positions with a specific employer, you can also browse by company.

Q: Can I search for multiple categories at once?

A: Yes!  Click on browse all jobs in the Candidate menu.  In the right column you can select multiple categories to search at once.  Note you will be viewing jobs that match any of the categories you select.

Q: What is the deal with “Job Tags” in the job listings?

A: When posting a job, employers are prompted to select Job Tags in our database relevant to the position.  “Non-profit” is one example.  Job Tags are displayed in the “Filter by Tag” section in the search results.  They can be selected so that only jobs containing these tags are displayed. Also note- our Job Tags are a work in progress!  As a candidate or employer, if you have ideas about new Job Tag terms that you would like to use, please contact us!

Q: Why should I sign up for an account?

A: Candidates have full access to browse job listings without creating an account.  However, if you wish to bookmark preferred job listings, receive notifications of jobs posted that meet your search criteria, apply for the jobs listed, or save any documents to our site, you will need to sign up for an account.

Q: Are you going to send me tons of junk emails if I set up a “Job-Alert”?

A: No way!  You dictate the frequency that new job listings are emailed to you, and we’ll only email you if there are NEW listings that meet your criteria, not all the old ones you’ve already seen.  How’s that for email efficiency?

Q: What methods do I have to apply for a job?

A: Employers specify if candidates should apply via external link (i.e. re-directed to their own website), apply through FurWork and/or apply through Facebook.  Click on “Apply for Job” in a listing to see the employer’s preference.  There is also a separate blue “Apply With Facebook” button if the employer has selected this option.  Candidates need to login to apply for a job within FurWork.  You’ll have the option to create a resume online (upload up to 3 files, select target shift hours +/- upload a personal photo), or paste your resume or other documents directly into the “apply” pop up.  If we had to pick, we’d recommend creating an online resume- you can better personalize your application and save it for later use!

Q: If I upload my resume, cover letter or other documents to your site, who has access?

A: Only you (and FurWork site administrators) will have access to your documents.  An employer cannot view your forms unless you directly apply for their listing.  Uploading your documents to our site allows you to access them at any time and simplifies sending multiple documents to more than one employer. If you would prefer to email employers directly using your own files, you may also do so.

Q: How can I be sure a job listing has not already been filled?

A: We don’t like wasting time on filled job positions either!  Employers have an easy way on our website to mark their position as filled.  They are also reminded monthly to renew their job add with us, or inactivate it.  However we understand that some jobs may slip through the cracks and be listed as vacant, when they are not.  Please notify us if you find an active job listing that has already been filled!

Employer Questions

Q: What methods do I have to receive applications?

A:  In short, whatever works for you.  You can direct applicants to an external link (i.e. re-directed to your own website), have them apply through FurWork and/or apply through Facebook.  The”Apply for Job” button on your listing will redirect the candidate to your website or ask them to apply through FurWork.  If you check the box to allow for Facebook applications, employment information is gathered from the candidates’s Facebook profile.

Through FurWork “Apply for Job”, candidates can either create a resume with file uploads, or send you files directly.  An email notification will be sent to you each time a candidate applies for your listing through FurWork or uses the Facebook option.  If you’d rather have contact information directly in your listing write-up, you can do that too.

Q: For which countries am I able to post job positions?

A: At the present time, our website is designed for veterinary professionals in North America.   Technically, FurWork is able to accept listings and map locations outside of the United States of America and Canada.  International listings are welcome on our site with the understanding that our target audience is North American.  Further customization and expansion to other countries is anticipated in the future.

Questions for All

Q: How do you plan to use my personal information provided during account sign up?

A: Please visit our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy page.

Q: Why did you pick a Rough Collie as your mascot?

A: Dr. Klaus always envisioned owning a Rough Collie when she was a child.  Following pet stylist certification, it became evident to her that she would never be able to keep on top of all that fur in the house, especially while she was busy attending veterinary school!  Although she has never owned a Collie, she thought one would fit perfectly within the spirit of FurWork!

Q: Does FurWork support any charities?

A: Yes!  We are committed to donate a portion of any proceed gathered to charities involved with Wildlife Conservation.  Check back soon for more information on our charitable contributions as we expand!

Q: I still have questions…now what?

A: We’re here to help!


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