Oregon Veterinary Licensing in 2 Minutes

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Oregon Veterinary Licensure Summary

You are a veterinarian licensed in another state, but you’re considering either temporary veterinary work in Oregon, or a permanent move.  The deepest US lake, exceptional coffee and miles of bike trails sound appealing?  Well we have fantastic news for you!  Oregon veterinary licensing is easy and inexpensive, with a free temp work option!

Read on to find out what you can expect en route to obtaining your license as a relief or full-time veterinarian in Oregon:

Expense:  /5
Time:  /5
Temporary License Option:  Y- unsupervised??

Temporary Oregon Veterinary License:

Wait a minute- 5 stars for ease in Oregon?  Yes, it’s true!  We wish that all states made it this easy for their veterinary licenses to extend beyond state borders.

In Oregon, as long as you have a veterinary license in good standing in another state, you can practice up to 30 days per consecutive 365 days, at either one or multiple clinics, under the statute #ORS 686.020 in the Oregon Veterinary Statues.

How do you file for an Oregon temporary permit?  You don’t.  The state of Oregon operates on an honor system, so you don’t need to send documentation.

Is there a fee for a veterinary Oregon temporary permit?  Nope!

The Oregon Veterinary Board notes that this temporary work option is only available for use in consultation with an Oregon- licensed veterinarian.  When we asked the board if direct supervision by the Oregon veterinarian was required, we were told that the term “consultation” was not defined in the statues.  We’ll leave it up to you how to interpret this answer…

No doubt, Oregon is a trendsetter for how we would like to simplify relief work licensing requirements out of state.  As long as you have a valid out of state license, and you are working in consultation with an Oregon-licensed veterinarian, you can practice for up to 30 days per 365 days without paperwork or fees.  Rock on, Oregon!

Permanent Oregon Veterinary License:

Interested in veterinary work for more than 30 days in a year, or uncomfortable with how to interpret the board’s term “consultation”?  Lucky for you, applying for your Oregon regular veterinary license is simple, rapid and inexpensive!

There is a $225 license application fee in total.  You’ll need to mail back an open book Juris Prudence exam and have 1 year of clinical veterinary experience in another state.

Other than attaching a photo to your application, filing for Oregon licensure is straightforward and is generally processed within few weeks.

Of additional note, unless you are licensed in November or December, your original license will expire December 31st of the same year you activate your license.  Activation in November or December allows you to keep it until the following year December 31st.

30 hours of CE every odd year is required for renewal.

More Oregon Veterinary Licensure Information:

Best Method of Contact:  email: OVMEB.Info@hrlb.org

(We don’t recommend phoning the Oregon State Veterinary Board, as we experienced multi-day or week-long delays in return calls- email response time is better).

Ease of contact: 

Official website: Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board  

*We’re diligent about keeping this article current but veterinary licensing rules and regulations change with time!  Always double-check with the board, and kindly alert us of any discrepancies!

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