The 5 Things Veterinary Job Seekers Are Missing From Your Listing… And How You Can Wisely Incorporate These!

Here are the top 5 things that veterinary job seekers wish they could discern from your job listing.  Fear not, we’ve got tips to help you incorporate these into your add, so your next ideal candidate will stop browsing and press the apply button.

5. How Progressive is Your Veterinary Practice?

Image featuring receptionist with a vet tech at the computer. Veterinary job seekers may be missing things from your listing when searching for work.

Candidates would like to know your level of devotion to keeping up with the trends in veterinary medicine.  If you have a well-structured orientation period, and continuous on-the job training, describe these.   Does your hospital provide weekly, monthly or other CE?  Weekly CE could be exciting for some candidates but daunting for others-  be honest so your applicants know what to expect.  What about fear-free certification or AAFP membership?   A description of your unique medical equipment and services, paperless charting or other efficiencies can further paint the picture.

4. How Much Time Will I Be Doing What I Was Trained To Do?

Translation: how many support staff members do you have?  For veterinarians, the doctor: technician ratio is a helpful indicator of how much time a doctor can expect to do “doctor” duties.  Some doctors like inducing anesthesia for every patient.  Others not so much.  For veterinary technicians, list the level of support that they are provided.  Do you employ veterinary assistants and kennel staff too?  Are there any anticipated front-desk duties, or do you have full-time reception staff that handle these?

3. What is the Workplace Environment Like?

That is what the interview is for, right?  Well.. yes but describing your workplace environment in advance, could save you from having to interview candidates who don’t have the right personality fit for your hospital.  Your values can be described using phrases such as “fast-paced”, “ethical” or “client-centered”.  If you are a sarcastic or goofy crew, then make sure that shows up in your add too!

Image featuring a checklist. Veterinary job seekers may be missing things from your checklist when creating their listing.

2. What are the Hours In and Out of the Office?

Candidates want a reasonable expectation of how many hours they will be spending at their job.  Honestly estimate the number of scheduled hours, over-time hours, on-call and weekend hours for the position you are listing and report these.  Some applicants love the opportunity for extra pay with overtime, while others value leaving at a predictable time daily.  If you are able to provide your employees with flexible work schedules or extended leaves, add these too!

1. How Much Will I Be Paid?

You had a feeling this was #1, right?  Why is it that pay is kept secret in most veterinary job listings despite being arguably the biggest reason for employer:candidate mismatch?  I know of several doctors (including myself!) who have flown across the country and been provided room and board to interview at a hospital where an agreement on compensation was never within reach.  Other highly qualified candidates will skip over your listing if you set the “barrier to entry” too high by not publishing the salary or wage.  The remedy?  Be honest about what you can afford for the position and include it in your listing.  A pay range rather than a single value can give you some flexibility for candidates with different levels of experience or qualification.  If you have great employee benefits, be sure to add and quantify these as well, as they can offset a lower pay range.

So now you’ve got some fresh ideas for how to customize your job listing and attract the right tribe members to grow your tribe.  Be forthright and let your applicants get to know the position and the culture better before they apply.