Vet Med Best Dressed: Shoe Edition

Pair of veterinary medicine shoes worn with scrubs Whether you wear scrubs or stain-forgiving “real-life” clothes to your vet med job, odds are you could benefit from some fresh ideas in the veterinary-friendly shoes department.   For shoes with both function and fashion, read on!

You spend half of your life in them… Shoes
I love shoes like a Labrador loves GI foreign bodies. Nothing is worse than foot pain in all its distracting, aching, pinching hell. And nothing better than a bounce in your step at the end of your 12 hour shift. Because you probably still need to go grocery shopping on your way home…

Top options:
I am willing to drop a packet on the right shoe. To wit:


$120 typically, but so many styles. So. Many. Available at Amazon, Nordstrom, and the Rack (sometimes at a really good discount). The Professional style even has a wide version.


AKA Mother of Danskos- $60-140 on Amazon. Mainly clog styles, but beloved by those with a slightly narrower foot.

Sometimes Danskos try to hurt me

But, what if you’re not into the random and spontaneous ankle twists that are an unfortunate part of clog ownership?


like Dansko and Birkenstock had a baby. $30-110. Wider and flatter clog base with some sassy Mary Jane options.


Cobb Hill-

Both brands retail for $40-120 on Amazon, Macys and Nordstrom. Many styles, most of them with a sport shoe underpinning (Total Motion) that gives great support. Many of the boots are waterproof. I swear by the Tristina style Rockports with skirts (see above!)


flats $40-100 on Amazon. The Alena style is pretty with fair support.

Feeling hard core?


$80-150 on Amazon, Birkenstock website, often at the Rack. The Professional is a classic, much beloved by Surgeons.

Doc Martens-

$50-150 on Amazon, and brick and mortar stores. The myth, the legend, now in so many styles and materials. Indestructible, once you break them in.
But wait can’t I just wear tennis?
Yes, peasant.
Kidding! I love a plain Nike and am very fond of New Balance.

New Balance

Fresh Foam style has amazing bounce. Please do not wear your trail or street runners at work. You deserve to exercise in unsullied shoes. Because Parvo.

Oh, and another thing. Don’t leave these precious glass slippers vulnerable to errant anal glands. Silicon spray them before wear.

Repeat q 6-12 months.

Hopefully armed with thoroughly researched and tested veterinary shoe list, you are on your way to becoming one of of vet med’s best dressed!

Did I miss your favorite pair?  Drop me a line in the comment section below!

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